Fernando de Noronha! A Paradise in Brazil!

Fernando de Noronha! A Paradise in Brazil!
Fernando de Noronha is a tiny group of islands 340km from the Brazilian coast. This archipelago consists of twenty small islands and one large one.
All of them have beautiful beaches with the most amazing marine life in their clear waters. You will find your Fernando de Noronha Pousada on the large island which is also the starting point for tours exploring the outer Noronha islands. With a population of only 2100 residents, the Fernando de Noronha islands are developing tourism in a sustainable way, finding a balance to preserve the beautiful ecological sanctuary. There are Noronha hotels to suit every budget.

Its sheer distance from the mainland has kept this archipelago as beautiful as it was five centuries ago, when it was discovered by the famous Portuguese navigator Americo Vespucio. It is located some two hundred miles off Natal, on the north eastern coast of Brazil. The Fernando de Noronha islands are governed and administered by the State of Pernambuco.

Fernando de Noronha geography

It is only recently that the Fernando de Noronha islands have been zeroed in on as a holiday destination and a dream getaway. Its distance from the shore does not seem to be a limiting factor as the islands are attracting tourists with regularity, even if it is to just see the sun setting on the sea.

Formed as a result of volcanic activity of the mountains beneath the Atlantic, the Noronha islands span an area of only seventeen square kilometres and is 340km from the coast. With a population of only 2100, it is developing tourism in a sustainable way, finding a balance to preserve the beautiful ecological sanctuary.

How long to stay in Fernando de Noronha

To do full justice to your Fernando de Noronha travel experience, a minimum of five days is required. It is only then that you can enjoy the abundance of natural beauty that the Noronha islands have to offer. Plan your Fernando de Noronha travel after considering the several options available with tour operators and you can select what appeals to you the most.

Fernando de Noronha history

The early settlers on the Fernando de Noronha islands were the Portuguese who arrived in 1503 when Americo Vespucio claimed the land for them. They built a fortress at Vila dos Remedios, which is now in ruins. Vila dos Remedios is also the most inhabited town on the island, and where you will find most of your Noronoha pousada options. The Noronha islands were initially used as a prison. Later they were used as a stopover for flights headed to Europe. During the Second World War, Noronha was also a location for an airbase, which the Brazilian Air Force still uses even today.

The Fernando de Noronha islands are teeming with all types of wildlife. However, the human population is quite small and even tourism is restricted to a mere 420 people at a time on the island. The number is further controlled by the fact that the longer one stays on the islands, the higher the permit fee. The island is also home to Brazil's shortest national highway, the sole paved road here.

Find a Fernando de Noronha Pousada

Although there is only one Noronha hotel , many pousadas cater to visitors and are up to full capacity in the summer. Our interactive map shows all of our Fernando de Noronha pousadas. Earlier, lodging was available in some rustic inns and in the houses of residents of the island. However, lately some upscale hostels have emerged to host the island's tourists.

Fernando de Noronha environment

It was in 1970 that nearly three-fourths of the archipelago was included in the National Marine Sanctuary of Fernando de Noronha. Called the PN Fernando de Noronha, it is aimed at conserving and protecting both the marine and land environments of the archipelago. The conservation effort has been particularly helpful in protecting the sea turtle population.

This land is indeed Brazil's hidden treasure and today the Fernando de Noronha islands are a benchmark in environmental protection. The clear and warm waters of the equatorial region around the Noronha islands beckon snorkelers and divers and also underwater photographers . There are nearly sixteen beautiful beaches you can choose from. One can view at least two hundred species of fish, as well as sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

Fernando de Noronha weather

Throughout the year the Fernando de Noronha islands have an even and pleasant temperature which hovers around 26°C (79°F). The rainy season from February to July is also a refreshing part of the year at Fernando de Noronha.
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